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Tough on grease, gentle on your hands. FDA registered Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaning and Sanitizing wipes.

Biodegradable, Nontoxic, Non-flammable and Zero VOC

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Cleaner & Degreaser

Cleaner & Degreaser

Cleaner & Degreaser


Big Wipes hand cleansing wipes remove anything from water and oil-based paints to varnishes, silicone sealants, oils, epoxies and stubborn Poly foams and adhesives. Plus, these heavy-duty cleaning wipes contain 4X Skin Conditioners; Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, glycerin & lanolin, helping to nourish and protect the skin and thus preventing hands from becoming dry and cracked, both painful symptoms of dermatitis. The whole range of Big Wipes industrial cleaning wipes contain a biodegradable, low alcohol cleaning formula that complies with the latest Directive, plus Zero levels of irritation were recorded during controlled testing by dermatologists.


These are simply the best hand cleaning wipes on the market! Incorporating the latest high adhesion web technology, the innovative Fabric from Big Wipes grips 40% more grime with every wipe, so you can mop up even the toughest dirt in the quickest time.


Most industrial cleansers and wipes out there can only do one thing. Not Big Wipes! No matter what needs cleaning, whether it’s your hands, tools, equipment, fleet vehicles, or any mucky surface — Big Wipes is up to the challenge. Have a dirty work truck? Clean it with Big Wipes. Want to rid your tools of oil and grease? Clean it with Big Wipes. One wipe does it all.

Big Wipes and Utility Workers

Working on the road is not easy. In the utilities and energy sectors, the work is difficult, desolate and dirty. Not only do tradespeople have to brave the elements and the hazards of the job, but they have to deal with dirt and grime — and lots of it!

Press Release: Big Wipes Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Press Release: Big Wipes Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes

We are so excited to see your growing interest in our new Antibacterial product. We are always looking to upgrade and innovate our products. When we identify our customers’ needs and put it to action fast, we know we are in the right direction. If you have any new...

Neville Davis, Randell & Janes Roofing

“I work a lot with CT1 sealant, which bonds metal, wood and glass among other things. Big Wipes manages to get all the spillages off my hands and tools. They are brilliant!!”

Joe Campanella, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Engineer

“Our company installs plumbing systems and sanitary equipment for social housing projects. I always have a tub of Big Wipes Multi-Surface wipes in my toolbag as they are a fantastic finishing wipe and get rid of any silicone residue from my hands and tiles.”

Michael Gill, Building Services Contractor

“Concrete cutting, grease, tarmac, dust, paint, resins, oil, plaster, grouting, you name it, we get covered in it. Rip out jobs, oil fired central heating boilers, chimneys, drains etc are a daily challenge and we are constantly filthy. But thanks to Big Wipes, at least we go to our various clients looking presentable and come home to our wives with clean hands at the end of the day!”

Mark Blow, Property Maintenance Contractor

“One day I was up a ladder, using PU foam behind a fascia, when a gust of wind blew some escaping foam on the neighbor’s car. I managed to clean it all off with Big Wipes, so I never use expanding foam without a tub of Big Wipes close by. Plus the wipes are fantastic at cleaning the nozzle and any spillages. Big Wipes to me are a foam First Aid Kit.”